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Paradigm Shift from Biology to Energy Medicine

In the early 1980's we began to hear that biological science had run its course. Many began to say that new avenues must be evaluated to help people with terrible health conditions. The new frontier would be energy medicine, however homeopathic science has been around for 200 years yet many are unaware of its impact on health.

A new breakthrough was discovered nearly 20 years ago. Dr. Kronn, PhD captured and manipulated "Subtle Energy". The work of many scientists both in USSR and USA have tested and clinically evaluated these new energies. Remarkable shifts in chronically ill patients have been demonstrated. This new product provided new hope for the incurables. Visit Dr. Yury Kronn"s suble energy website at

NEWS December 22nd, 2012

Introducing 3 NEW exciting tincture products:

  1. FlaG
  2. PYFM
  3. Weight Loss Activator.
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